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Cinema: Documentary Films

Documentary Film: Recording History The definition of what constitutes a “documentary film” is variable according to some. At times, an accurate portrayal of documentary history may be depicted via archival footage, photographs, or even actors or cartoons. The history of film-making started with the history

Opera: Italian for “Work”

History: Opera is less than 500 years old Opera is a type of “musical” (that means “work” in Italian) which combines song with words (libretto), theatre, and music (via an orchestra).  Beginning in Italy in 1598 with Peri’s Dafne (Florence), opera spread to England, France,

Pointe Made: Ballet

Ballet’s History Ballet means “to dance” in French, and has focused on the female dancer primarily. A “dance interpretation of fencing,” it was popularized by King Louis XIV (“Louis the Great”), who founded the Academie Royale de Danse (Royal Dance Academy). He then proceeded to